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As a full service company, Todd Pate Tree Services, is a one stop shop for Tree Removal. 

There is no tree too large or small for Todd Pate to remove. By utilizing equipment such as Cranes, Bobcats, Dingo and other state of the art equipment, Todd Pate can remove large dangerous and/or hazardous trees from almost any location with minimal damage to the area around the tree. Seasoned climbers, like the ones we’ve got, are an invaluable asset to our tree removal company. Scaling the trunk and intelligently placing themselves in the proper branches, they make calm, calculated decisions as to what cuts to make to take it down one limb at a time. When necessary, they ensure the use of safe techniques to lower large pieces of fresh cut wood by rope, rather than letting it fall and leave a scar in your landscape. When we leave your property, it will be so clean, you might just think the trees were never there.



Many people see the chore of pruning as a simple task that they can be easily take care of as part of their standard lawn care. However, like most of the things in our lives, there is a right and wrong way to prune. Tree pruning is the removal of dead, decaying, and/or undesirable limbs from a tree to remove hazards, improve visual appeal, and promote healthy growth. Todd Pate Tree Services uses the tried and true methods of deadwooding, canopy thinning, low limb raising, and canopy reduction. All are proven techniques to add strength a beauty to your trees while reducing potential for breakage or hazards. Our tree care professionals are ready to get your unruly or center piece trees just the way you want them.



We sincerely hope that an even like that doesn’t ever happen to you, but in the event that it does, take proper precautions to ensure that you hire the right company to handle your emergency tree removal. We’ve developed a stellar reputation as one of the most trusted tree removal companies in all of Georgia. Choosing to hire an inexperienced company that doesn’t take your family’s misfortune as seriously as you do can result in further losses.

If you’ve got a hazardous situation on your hands, call us now. We’ll see to it that we come out as soon as possible to assess the situation and provide you with a free estimate on what it would take to resolve the circumstance, and get you feeling good again.

A fallen tree due to a recent storm, or simply old age, can be a tremendous financial burden, not to mention what you’ll need to pay for work to be done afterwards to repair the damage caused to your home or other property as well. We work with most types of insurance to ensure that this problem does not cause you further financial stress and instability.




Why remove a big tree and leave the stump? Doesn’t make much sense. The curb appeal of your property will suffer greatly if you’ve got stumps everywhere. Might as well go the extra mile and remove them. We offer stump grinding service the same day we remove your tree. 

Our goal is always to provide you, the homeowner, with a fast, professional stump grinding service that won’t break the bank. Call us today to get a free quote on your stump removal and tree service needs in Marietta, GA. 

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