Common Issues with Trees


  • Canopy dieback: Sudden death of parts of the tree canopy. Often caused by problems with the roots, such as soil compaction or municipal/residential construction. Urgent help for the tree is needed the life of the entire tree is in danger! Contact us Now!
  • Fungi: Most fungi form friendly, symbiotic relationships with the tree and are completely normal. But not all fungi is friendly! Some fungi are deadly and can quickly lead to the tree breaking and falling. If you have fungi, call us immediately! The tree can fall suddenly causing serious damage to persons and property. Negative fungi requires immediate attention!
  • Hanging Branches: Dead, broken branches that are still attached or are stuck in the tree need to be removed. Sometimes these branches can be dangerous to people and property underneath. In many cases, it is dangerous to take them down yourself. We have equipment and experience in taking down even the biggest branches safely and quickly. Give us a call, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at both our expertise and affordable pricing.

        Other Common Issues:

  • Our experienced team can assist in navigating the complex legal framework of protecting trees, and can help you understand laws and local by-laws. We also can help in applying for protection, and can help in constructing protective barriers.
  • We can also give advice and practical assistance when a tree is getting too close to a house. Our experience dealing with trees helps us make confident predictions and put your mind at rest about the safety of your property – or act to make sure nothing is amiss. Call or email Todd Pate Tree Services, LLC to tap into our extensive tree knowledge.



Root Rot
Poor Structure
Wind Damage

How to find out if your tree is sick!

An undiagnosed diseased tree might kill your other trees, leaving your yard without trees. It could also fall, which can harm you and your property. Therefore, it is crucial to keep an eye on your tree to be aware of any symptoms that point to it being unhealthy.


How to find out if your tree is Sick or Dying?


There are few common symptoms of sickness that you can watch out for on figure out whether your tree needs help. Then, it’s constantly on a matter for diagnosing, furthermore taking action! A couple common cautioning signs are listed below:

- Poor structure. Sometimes trees can lean more to one side rather than to other, or have an odd shape that is caused by an unnatural growth pattern. Weather conditions and poor pruning are usually a reason for this. Amend this issue soon to prevent the tree from falling!

- Rot. This particular case can be hard to spot, likewise rot typically influence the inside of the tree to start with. Visible symptoms include: mushroom-like spores, an expanded base, dead branches, and soft, breakable wood.

- Weak unions or joints are also indicate that your tree is might be sick. Though your tree’s limbs and branches don’t look really joined of the tree, there will be an issue in future. This is caused by branches growing close together with bark in between. Weak branches mean they could fall at any time.

- Cracks in your tree are hard to diagnose because some are ordinary and some are not. Overall, the cracks don’t necessarily harm the tree unless they become too deep and affect the tree’s infrastructure and branches, or if they host detrimental pests.

- Cankers are areas from claiming dead bark around your tree. An ulcer may be comparable should an mankind’s ulcer sore; both need aid frightful sores from a malady initiated by anxiety. A tree ulcer may be initiated perusing bacteria that taint a tree through an open wound. Once it’s inside, it strike the tree Also makes it stress, What’s more on turn, An ulcer. Fortunately, these could as a rule a chance to be pruned off the tree.

- The last symptom of a diseased or sick is deadwood. Deadwood may be precisely what it resonances like; wood that is dead. Those extensions are generally simple should break Also need aid dry.

All of these symptoms are warnings that your tree’s health is threatened. The faster you identify these indications, the faster your tree can get back to normal.


Disease Prevention

So now that you know some of the common sickness and symptoms what about actually prevent it and save the tree? There are certain things you can do to save your trees so it won’t get sick and die.

  • Try to avoid injuring your tree while doing any yard work. Wounds on trees are like open cuts to human, because they can easily catch an infection.
  • Watch out for any exposed roots, since root rot can be lethal too.
  • Take care of your tree’s basic needs, such a minerals, water and space.
  • Don’t forget to do proper pruning for your trees.


Don’t afraid to ask Arborists

Ask one of our professional Arborist, if you need consultation. It’s always better to prevent an issue in the future by proper action now.  An arborist will do all of the dangerous things for you to keep you and your home safe.

Fun Tree Facts

Eastern White Pine

Trees are some of the most abundant living things on earth. At Todd Pate Tree Services LLC, serving customers in the Metro Atlanta Area for over 15 years, we know that better than most people. Trees not only grace our living spaces, they create the life-giving oxygen by which we survive and nourish thousands of other living species. The elements and compounds which trees create are the source of hundreds of products we consume and use daily—including wood, fruit, and additives.


Here are some neat facts about Trees worth sharing:


  1. Over one year, one tree can produce up to 260 pounds of oxygen. If that tree is part of a larger group (say, one acre of trees), that acre can absorb and clean nearly 2.6 tons of Co2 from the atmosphere!
  2. Trees live longer than any other organism on Earth.
  3. Trees absorb light (shading) and evaporate water from their leaves, reducing cooling and heating costs. Because they absorb sound, they also are extremely effective noise barriers and cut down on noise pollution. In the summer, a young, leafy tree can cool the same amount of space as two home-sized air conditioners.
  4. In nearly every culture and religion, trees are regarded as symbolic and spiritual. Visible trees help hospital patients heal more quickly and use fewer painkillers. Tree worship that existed in primitive times has a modern day vestige in the tradition of “knocking on wood” for good luck. It was thought that knocking on a tree could rouse protective spirits asleep in the bark.
  5. During a year, most trees will create 99% of their living parts from scratch, calling on the carbon from the air, nutrients and water from the soil, and energy from the sunlight to create themselves. Without budging an inch, most trees are completely self-sustaining. Trees don’t generally die from old age, even though the ability to lift water through their trunks decreases with time. Rather, most trees meet their doom through people, insects, or disease. Some trees are more than 4,500 years old - and still growing!
  6. Trees move water up their trunks through a process called capillary action. Some trees can move water through their trunks at the rate of 150 feet per hour. During a hot summer day, certain trees can suck nearly one ton of water up through their roots.


Thanks for visiting our site and learning about these organisms we share space with. Next time you’re considering pruning or removing trees, we hope you’ll call Todd Pate Tree Services, your preferred Tree Service in the Metro Atlanta Area!

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