All Firewood is Oak with some Hickory mixed in, it is seasoned for atleast 8 months, so it is ready to burn! Most of the firewood is 16" to 20" long. Per your request we do sell firewood that is short , long and specialty wood (Pecan, Hickory and Cherry). 

Our wood also comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee!

  We will deliver your wood to your door!

 Delivery area is within 20 miles of Mableton!

*Price below includes DELIVERY & stacking the wood, as long as we can get to where you want the wood stacked with our pickup truck without using a wheelbarrow.

If we have to wheelbarrow or go down steps, it is an

extra labor charge $15-40 for ½ cord, $25-60 for 1 cord.

Extra labor charge is up to the discretion of the delivery driver.

Order Firewood

1/2 Cord of Seasoned Firewood Delivered & Stacked

16-20 in (length of firewood) X 4ft X 8ft 

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Order Firewood

1 Cord of Seasoned Firewood Delivered & Stacked 

16-20 in (length of firewwod) 4ft X 16ft

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